Why is everyone going to Peru?

South America has always been related to tropical vibes, gorgeous coasts that bathe the sands of Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia or maybe the coldest weathers in Patagonia, but the most visited places of South America are located in Peru. If you know a friend or acquaintance that’s been to this country, they’ll tell you that it is a magical land that is full of nice people, lovely food and outstanding landmarks full of history. Do you want to know why is everyone going to Peru? Better start planning your trip, because as soon as you finish reading this article, you will be eager to take the first flight to this amazing country.



In first place you can be amazed by the some of the biggest and well preserved figures that lay in the Nazca Desert. There are many ways to see the Nazca Lines, from high towers that are close to the nearby highway to flights in small planes organized by tour agents that’ll let you see every figure.

To keep talking about history of Peruvian original civilizations, another magic place is the cradle of the Incan Empire, The Sacred Valley. There are a lot of guided tours to this location that was once praised by the Incas. It’s close to one of the greatest attractions in the whole world, Machu Picchu. In this city you will be amazed by how the Incas managed to build one of the greatest villages of pre-Columbian America that counted with irrigation systems, houses, temples and a lot more at a height of 2100 meters above the level of the sea. Machu Picchu is an Andean icon, a must see to everyone who touches Peruvian soil.

But, not all the magic in Peru lays in their pre-Columbian legacy. Interaction with Spaniards led to the foundation of amazing cities such as Lima. The Peruvian capital city counts with Pacific coast beaches, architectonic wonders with modern and colonial features and a catholic legacy that can be appreciated in the amount of churches and monasteries. Here in Lima, you can find the best examples of one of the most complete gastronomic cultures in the whole world and spend the nights walking the streets since it is a city that doesn’t sleep.

Catholic influence is also present in one of the most visited Peru cities; in the south of the country, lays Arequipa. The Santa Catalina Convent is one of the loveliest attractions of the city because of the great amount of gardens and colonial style buildings. This city is connected with nature as it’s the closest one to the Colca Canyon, the natural monument most visited in Peru and it’s surrounded by three volcanoes that embellish the Arequipan landscapes.

Now, if there is a city that blends perfectly the history of Incan Empire and Spanish conquest is Cusco. This city full of red roofs is one of the most important cities of Peru since is the closest one to the previously mentioned Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. It still counts with a great amount of streets paved by boulders instead of asphalt. Feel the life of the city at the Plaza de Armas, surrounded by the best restaurants and visit Sacsayhuaman to take the best pictures of the landscape.

Peru holds the greatest archives of pre-Hispanic South American history, a blend of foreign influences with native features that build up one of the richest cultures in the whole world and a great amount of hospitable people. Now take a trip to this beautiful country and keep discovering the wonders that keep people going there.

Explore the world! Have an adventure every day

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been in the pursuit for knowledge, wanting to discover new things in order to modify their lifestyles, to improve themselves as persons. But when someone gets to know everything that builds their surroundings, it doesn’t mean that they have nothing more to learn, it means that they need to get exposed to a different environment. The best way to change the environment, without going into an abrupt process like moving, is traveling.

Exploring the world might sound overwhelming, but you don’t need to start your traveler path by going to the most remote places of the globe. There are a lot of things you probably still don’t know and are closer to you than you think.

A great place to start exploring the world is your hometown

Spot the landmarks that have always been around you, go hiking or for a walk, review the places you’ve been to in order to make a better picture for future visitors.

Now that you’re an expert in your hometown, you might want to go to a city nearby that would only take a road trip of a couple hours to get to. You might spot a lot of similarities to your home, but it won’t be the same since two places are never going to be equal. The sole fact of seeing how to get to that city is an adventure by itself; then, deciding between doing just a one day trip or staying for a few days, planning what to do and thinking about the great people you’re about to meet make the experience even richer. These kinds of trips are great to see the balance between resemblance and differences to people you find in your hometown. It’s not an abrupt change and implies no culture shock.

You just traveled a tiny piece of the world, now it’s time to explore the roots and history you share with your countrymen. You live within the same border with thousands or even millions of people but not all of you have the same customs, traditions or even the same accent, just a common past. The best way to explore your own country is enrolling on a backpacker trip, because carrying a little amount of luggage makes you feel freer and having a plan is sometimes optional. This way of traveling is perfect to meet new people on your bus rides, the places you’re staying in and even as you walk through the cities you’re visiting. If your country is small, this will take only a couple of vacations to get done.

Now you know the great things your country has and it’s time to share them with the whole world. The main goal of traveling is to know learn new stuff from cultures that are different to yours, but foreign people is often curious, they’ll ask you about your home and culture. This is where the real adventure takes place. As you go to a country you’ve never been before, you’ll see a new thing every day, and you’ll meet new people, from locals to other fellow foreigners and propitiate the cultural exchange that will enrich your experience more that you can imagine.

The world starts where you want it to start, and as long as you’re doing something new, you’re creating experiences and memories that you’ll cherish the rest of your life. The world has a lot to show, so you’ll have a new adventure every day, just keep exploring!

Exploring The Big Guava

The act of exploring a fruit might sound odd, but don’t take it too seriously or literally. As New York is well known as The Big Apple, there’s a city in the west coast of Florida that goes by the nickname of The Big Guava, famous for its role in the cigar industry back in the day. Yes, we’re talking about Tampa.

If you’re on a vacation and you decide to go to the busiest cities in Florida such as Miami, Orlando or Jacksonville, you might want to take a little detour to Tampa. This city is one of the best in the state when you want to take a rest that does not include beaches as the main attraction.

Some of the most interesting places that you can find in this city are the Tampa Museum of Arts that combines the best exhibitions of ancient and contemporary art, the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, a place dedicated not just to exhibit important photographic galleries, but to teach the public how to become a great photographer.

The Museum of Science & Industry holds a lot of interactive displays that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family and the littlest ones will be amazed. Tampa has an incredible amount of places that will leave any kid astonished and wanting to stay, from the Busch Gardens Tampa, the Glazer Children’s Museum and the Horsepower for Kids.

Still not convinced that Tampa is a paradise? Just wait, there’s a lot more in this city that can change your mind. If you love animals, you will enjoy the great biodiversity held in the Lowry Park Zoo, where the caretakers watch for endangered and threatened specimens; the Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary dedicated to the most exotic feline species or the Electric Manatee Viewing Center.

Another way to relax in Tampa is promenading by the Riverwalk, a boulevard placed by the Hillsborough River that connects other famous locations of the city such as the Florida Aquarium or the Channelside Bay Plaza.

Don’t miss the chance to assist to a Buccaneers or a Rays game if you are a sports fan. Even if you’re not a fan of those teams, you will have a lot of fun and enjoy the warmness and passion of the people of Tampa.

There are a lot of activities to do and places to visit. The first you need to go is Tampa International Airport, where you can rent a car as soon as you get there. You don’t need to worry if you have a little accident, remember that when it comes to towing tow truck Tampa has a lot to offer. You can stay at the Hampton Inn Hotel close to the airport or the same chain hotels located in the North of the city or in the Brandon sector.

Now you know that Florida holds a lot more to offer when it comes to vacations. Tampa has nothing to envy from other cities and will guarantee you the greatest of times on your next visit. So it’s time to start packing and booking some flights and lodging, Tampa is waiting for you.

How to travel without spending a lot of money

Having a journey or planning a vacation trip implies money, but sometimes ads lead us to think that having a vacation trip is an expensive thing and we even cancel our trips and deprive ourselves from a lot of great experiences.

If you’re reading this is because you’re willing to save money and have one of the best vacations without spending a lot. Want to know how? Follow these tips and advices coming up.


Don’t overspend on your trips

If you’re an altruist person you can go on a trip as a volunteer and collaborate to a benefic cause. These kinds of journeys have become more and more popular along the years. That so that the word voluntourism is a thing. There are so many projects in which you can get involved, from building schools and houses to teach some subjects to the children of the community you’re staying in. As long as you do a great job, the community will be more than pleased to compensate your stay. Also, these kinds of trips are enriching as you’ll learn a lot from the place you’re going to.

Do you feel that building could be a lot of work? Try activities such as house or pet-sitting. It’s as easy as you get to take care of someone else’s home or mascot while they’re not in town. The family that trust you their place will hand a list of tasks you’ll have to fulfill in order to stay for free.

There are some jobs that involve traveling and staying abroad as you get paid like au pairing or working on tourism places like cruisers. Of course, these kind of jobs let you stay for free at the locations you visit and fund your expenses because you’re getting revenues in the process.

On the other hand if you are looking to save money while on a vacation, you could search for lodging in apps like Airbnb, these offer a lot of commodities at low prices. This is a tool that you can also use to get profits, you can get back the money you’re spending on lodging by renting your place using the app while you’re not there.

If you want to know the city you’re going to stay in, check the availability of free walking tours. Most of tours are quite expensive due to the tickets you have to acquire to use buses or enter to famous places. So take a walking tour and get amazed while you do some workout.

As said before, transportation can be the monkey wrench when it comes to save money on a trip, but there are ways to overcome this obstacle. Apps like BlaBlaCar promote the ridesharing, where you get a ride at low cost and you can rate your driver in order to make someone else’s experience better.

Good advices, right? The following websites will help you to take them when planning your next vacation: ProjectsAbroad.org, TrustedHousesitters.com, AuPairWorld.com, Airbnb.com, FreeCityTour.com and BlaBlaCar.com. There are many more, but these ones should get you a nice opening on how to generate money while you’re on vacation or spend less. Follow two or more advices at once and your stay will be far more enjoyable!

List of countries that you need to see on a tour

Are you planning a tour, but you aren’t sure about the countries that you should visit? It doesn’t matter to you how much you are going to travel, and how far each country is from each other. If this is true, then this is the tour that you should plan. This is the tour that will give you the best experience and that will ensure that you see everything interesting and spectacular. Here are the countries that you should add to your list of places to travel with your next tour.


Egypt is the number one place for visiting historic countries. This is the one destination that you should visit, if you weren’t there already. With the Pyramids and other historical buildings, you will have a great time.

Even, people that are honestly saying that they don’t like visiting historical places say that Egypt is whole another story. That even if they hate museums, they will return there for more adventures.


Brazil is the place for beach, sun, and water sports. The next stop on your tour should be Brazil. They have some of the best and most beautiful beaches, and are going to let you relax after your tour to Egypt.

Not many people know it, but Brazil is one of the most popular tourist attractions that most people are dreaming about. This is also the destination that you can visit, no matter the time of year that you are planning your holiday.


Thailand is offering a culture that you will not see or experience anywhere else. From the way that they are living, to the food that they are eating. Everything is different, and unique. This is the reason why many people are traveling to Thailand.

Besides the culture and the food, their nature scenes are also really popular and something that you should experience. And, if you are someone that is looking for a challenge, then eating something weird might just be fun.


Italy. The land of pasta and pizza. People that are visiting Italy are always raving about the food that they have eaten and the friendliness of the people. However, the culture and their buildings are different and they are going to take your breath away.

Italy is more than just a place where you can eat the most delicious foods. Their historical buildings and other tourist attractions are something that people go back for more.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles. Disneyland. This is what you are thinking the moment that you are hearing the world Los Angeles. And, this will be the highlight of your tour. Especially if you are touring with your children, or if you are still young at heart.

This can be one of the best tours of your life. With this tour, going to these countries, will give you experience from historical buildings, sun, beach and clear blue water, Disney characters and eating lots of pasta and pizza. This can be a tour that you will never forget. It is easy to plan and you will find lots of information online.