Why is everyone going to Peru?

South America has always been related to tropical vibes, gorgeous coasts that bathe the sands of Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia or maybe the coldest weathers in Patagonia, but the most visited places of South America are located in Peru. If you know a friend or acquaintance that’s been to this country, they’ll tell you that it is a magical land that is full of nice people, lovely food and outstanding landmarks full of history. Do you want to know why is everyone going to Peru? Better start planning your trip, because as soon as you finish reading this article, you will be eager to take the first flight to this amazing country.



In first place you can be amazed by the some of the biggest and well preserved figures that lay in the Nazca Desert. There are many ways to see the Nazca Lines, from high towers that are close to the nearby highway to flights in small planes organized by tour agents that’ll let you see every figure.

To keep talking about history of Peruvian original civilizations, another magic place is the cradle of the Incan Empire, The Sacred Valley. There are a lot of guided tours to this location that was once praised by the Incas. It’s close to one of the greatest attractions in the whole world, Machu Picchu. In this city you will be amazed by how the Incas managed to build one of the greatest villages of pre-Columbian America that counted with irrigation systems, houses, temples and a lot more at a height of 2100 meters above the level of the sea. Machu Picchu is an Andean icon, a must see to everyone who touches Peruvian soil.

But, not all the magic in Peru lays in their pre-Columbian legacy. Interaction with Spaniards led to the foundation of amazing cities such as Lima. The Peruvian capital city counts with Pacific coast beaches, architectonic wonders with modern and colonial features and a catholic legacy that can be appreciated in the amount of churches and monasteries. Here in Lima, you can find the best examples of one of the most complete gastronomic cultures in the whole world and spend the nights walking the streets since it is a city that doesn’t sleep.

Catholic influence is also present in one of the most visited Peru cities; in the south of the country, lays Arequipa. The Santa Catalina Convent is one of the loveliest attractions of the city because of the great amount of gardens and colonial style buildings. This city is connected with nature as it’s the closest one to the Colca Canyon, the natural monument most visited in Peru and it’s surrounded by three volcanoes that embellish the Arequipan landscapes.

Now, if there is a city that blends perfectly the history of Incan Empire and Spanish conquest is Cusco. This city full of red roofs is one of the most important cities of Peru since is the closest one to the previously mentioned Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. It still counts with a great amount of streets paved by boulders instead of asphalt. Feel the life of the city at the Plaza de Armas, surrounded by the best restaurants and visit Sacsayhuaman to take the best pictures of the landscape.

Peru holds the greatest archives of pre-Hispanic South American history, a blend of foreign influences with native features that build up one of the richest cultures in the whole world and a great amount of hospitable people. Now take a trip to this beautiful country and keep discovering the wonders that keep people going there.

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