Explore the world! Have an adventure every day

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been in the pursuit for knowledge, wanting to discover new things in order to modify their lifestyles, to improve themselves as persons. But when someone gets to know everything that builds their surroundings, it doesn’t mean that they have nothing more to learn, it means that they need to get exposed to a different environment. The best way to change the environment, without going into an abrupt process like moving, is traveling.

Exploring the world might sound overwhelming, but you don’t need to start your traveler path by going to the most remote places of the globe. There are a lot of things you probably still don’t know and are closer to you than you think.

A great place to start exploring the world is your hometown

Spot the landmarks that have always been around you, go hiking or for a walk, review the places you’ve been to in order to make a better picture for future visitors.

Now that you’re an expert in your hometown, you might want to go to a city nearby that would only take a road trip of a couple hours to get to. You might spot a lot of similarities to your home, but it won’t be the same since two places are never going to be equal. The sole fact of seeing how to get to that city is an adventure by itself; then, deciding between doing just a one day trip or staying for a few days, planning what to do and thinking about the great people you’re about to meet make the experience even richer. These kinds of trips are great to see the balance between resemblance and differences to people you find in your hometown. It’s not an abrupt change and implies no culture shock.

You just traveled a tiny piece of the world, now it’s time to explore the roots and history you share with your countrymen. You live within the same border with thousands or even millions of people but not all of you have the same customs, traditions or even the same accent, just a common past. The best way to explore your own country is enrolling on a backpacker trip, because carrying a little amount of luggage makes you feel freer and having a plan is sometimes optional. This way of traveling is perfect to meet new people on your bus rides, the places you’re staying in and even as you walk through the cities you’re visiting. If your country is small, this will take only a couple of vacations to get done.

Now you know the great things your country has and it’s time to share them with the whole world. The main goal of traveling is to know learn new stuff from cultures that are different to yours, but foreign people is often curious, they’ll ask you about your home and culture. This is where the real adventure takes place. As you go to a country you’ve never been before, you’ll see a new thing every day, and you’ll meet new people, from locals to other fellow foreigners and propitiate the cultural exchange that will enrich your experience more that you can imagine.

The world starts where you want it to start, and as long as you’re doing something new, you’re creating experiences and memories that you’ll cherish the rest of your life. The world has a lot to show, so you’ll have a new adventure every day, just keep exploring!

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