How to travel without spending a lot of money

Having a journey or planning a vacation trip implies money, but sometimes ads lead us to think that having a vacation trip is an expensive thing and we even cancel our trips and deprive ourselves from a lot of great experiences.

If you’re reading this is because you’re willing to save money and have one of the best vacations without spending a lot. Want to know how? Follow these tips and advices coming up.


Don’t overspend on your trips

If you’re an altruist person you can go on a trip as a volunteer and collaborate to a benefic cause. These kinds of journeys have become more and more popular along the years. That so that the word voluntourism is a thing. There are so many projects in which you can get involved, from building schools and houses to teach some subjects to the children of the community you’re staying in. As long as you do a great job, the community will be more than pleased to compensate your stay. Also, these kinds of trips are enriching as you’ll learn a lot from the place you’re going to.

Do you feel that building could be a lot of work? Try activities such as house or pet-sitting. It’s as easy as you get to take care of someone else’s home or mascot while they’re not in town. The family that trust you their place will hand a list of tasks you’ll have to fulfill in order to stay for free.

There are some jobs that involve traveling and staying abroad as you get paid like au pairing or working on tourism places like cruisers. Of course, these kind of jobs let you stay for free at the locations you visit and fund your expenses because you’re getting revenues in the process.

On the other hand if you are looking to save money while on a vacation, you could search for lodging in apps like Airbnb, these offer a lot of commodities at low prices. This is a tool that you can also use to get profits, you can get back the money you’re spending on lodging by renting your place using the app while you’re not there.

If you want to know the city you’re going to stay in, check the availability of free walking tours. Most of tours are quite expensive due to the tickets you have to acquire to use buses or enter to famous places. So take a walking tour and get amazed while you do some workout.

As said before, transportation can be the monkey wrench when it comes to save money on a trip, but there are ways to overcome this obstacle. Apps like BlaBlaCar promote the ridesharing, where you get a ride at low cost and you can rate your driver in order to make someone else’s experience better.

Good advices, right? The following websites will help you to take them when planning your next vacation:,,,, and There are many more, but these ones should get you a nice opening on how to generate money while you’re on vacation or spend less. Follow two or more advices at once and your stay will be far more enjoyable!

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